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Big Beautiful Begonias, care and tips

Begonias are one of my personal favorite houseplants. Coming in many varieties, colors ,and shapes, the begonia is a great addition to any collection. First it should be mentioned that within these varieties there is unique care preferences. There are 3 main types, tuberous, fibrous and rhizomatous. Generally the tuberous begonias are the most needy due to their desire for higher humidity and light, however if you have the right conditions it is very doable.


Bright indirect light is recommended. The begonia will deal with slight variations but it is not suggested to place the plant in direct sunlight as it may burn. 


Begonias are VERY susceptible to root rot. It is imperative that you place it in a well drained container and ensure that is does not get wet feet. Begonias tend to be noticeable when needing water as they start to droop, I would recommend watching for signs, better to let it dry out a bit than have it sitting in soggy soil.

General Care Tips

As stated before the begonia does like a humid environment. If you do not employ a humidifier a simple misting will do, again making sure not to over soak the plant. One of the best things about your begonia is that they are fairly pest resistant. On the other hand, they are susceptible to root rot and fungal issues. If there is one tip to take away from this writing, it is do not over water.

Enjoy your begonia and be sure to share some pictures with us!

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