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The Anthurium, tips and tricks

One of the most common houseplants, the anthurium, is a great plant to start your collection with. The anthurium features many different varieties of colours and flowers in its native environment. The most common houseplants versions have red, pink or white flowers. 

Light: The anthurium is capable of growing in low light conditions, however it is not ideal. To get the brightest colours and largest blooms from your anthurium find a bright location with indirect light. Too much direct light may damage the leaves, so indirect is best.

Soil: The anthurium is susceptible to root rot and requires a quick draining medium. For this reason regular potting soil is not recommended, if possible use an orchid mix for the best results. 

Watering: The anthurium likes some humidity, if you do not have a humidifier an occasional misting is a good idea. It is important to make sure when watering your anthurium that the soil is draining fully. Water your anthurium well and water regularly, generally twice a week. Cut back over the winter or if kept in low light conditions. 

The anthurium is a colourful and hardy plant the is a great addition to any collection. As long as you ensure that soil is draining fully and the roots are not staying soggy, your anthurium will be one happy houseplant.

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