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Water Propagating your Pothos

The marvelous Pothos is one of my favorite climbing plants. Known for its resilience the pothos is the perfect beginner plant, in fact it was my first plant too! Unfussy with placement and forgiving of imperfect watering schedules the pothos is a must have for any plant lover. What makes it even better however, is how incredibly easy it is to propogate.


As your vines grow, if you are like me, you are going to want more. Turning your single pothos into several pothos is easily done in three steps. 

1) Locate the node. This can be described as a small nub that forms on the stem of the plant right under the leaf and stem juncture. You can see and feel these little bumps, once you have identified a strong looking node take sharp and clean scissors or a knife, and cut directly above the node. General advice is to cut these stems in 4-6inch lengths, but as long as you have identified a strong node your cuttings can be shorter or longer.

2) Fill a glass vessel with water, best to use something clear so that you can see the roots starting to grow. If you have water you let sit to water your plants use this, best not to use water straight out of the tap, I also add a small bit of liquid fertilizer to the water (be careful not to overdo it though). Place your cutting in and make sure that there is adequate water to cover the node, leafs sticking out the top.

3) Watch the fun! Within weeks you will have roots develop. The pothos can grow in water so there is no huge rush to get it into the soil. Once you are ready to plant it be sure to cover all the new roots when planting and give a generous soaking to the new soil.

Congratulations, you now own multiple Pothos!

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