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Wonderful Air plants, how too care and tips

Do you have an air plant yet? If not, why on earth not? These air plants, part of the Tillandsia genus, make wonderful additions to any indoor garden. They are hardy, easy to care for and come in so many different varieties that you can get the right plant for any spot. Ranging from desert to rain forest in habitat, this species of plant has adapted to grow and thrive in many different climates and settings.

What is so unique?

Well, very simply, they do not root in soil. These little guys are able to absorb and store moisture in their leaves, so they grab their water and nutrients right out of the air, talk about self sufficient! What I personally love about this is the options it opens up to put these plants almost anywhere. 

Taking care of your Tillandsia

Light- The most important thing to remember when setting up your air plant is to keep it out of direct bright sun. If kept in direct bright light the plant will burn as the sun depletes the moisture right from the leaves of the plant. 

Watering- Pretty low stress in terms of watering, your air plant needs attention only about once a week. Your best bet is too place the whole plant in water for 10-20 mins once every week, after that simply let them sit out and dry off before returning to their home. If possible, it is best to use rain water, there are many nutrients and minerals that are present in rain water that you would not get in filtered or tap water. 

Follow these simple rules and your plant will thrive. A great addition to any home, you are going to love your air plant!



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