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Coconut coir climbing pole...is it better than a moss climbing pole?

In my humble opinion, yes, without question. 

First don't get me wrong, the traditional sphagnum moss pole has been around for years and has produced great results for some people. I believe however that the coconut coir pole is simply a better product for three main reasons.


- First lets examine the traditional sphagnum moss climbing pole. For the majority of these products the moss pole will come with either a plastic or metal cage and stake. The less that we need to use plastic, the better. I also was concerned with the metal application as most metals are prone to rust (an issue I ran into myself with my first purchased moss pole). Beyond that the actual sphagnum moss, though obviously a renewable resource, is very slow to regenerate. Sphagnum moss has become increasingly more popular these days for uses in terrariums and other applications that make use of this beautiful resource. My concern is that with the very slow regeneration time, we could push this resource to the edge. This is of course speculation, but I do think that it makes alot of sense, especially when we have a better alternative..the coconut coir climbing pole.

-The climbforestclimb coconut coir climbing pole uses a Canadian milled hardwood dowel as its base rather than metals or plastics. Not only is this a much more sustainable choice, but it also is a more natural stake to be adding to your precious house plants. The coconut coir that we use is organic and would be a waste product of coconut processing, we are able to re purpose something that would simply be thrown away! In addition we do not use any plastic packaging or tags, simply fully recyclable cardboard boxes, that are also printed here in Toronto, supporting other local business, what is more sustainable than that? 

Ease of use

-The sphagnum moss pole requires that you keep it moist, often more so that the plant you are using it for, so that is a pain to deal with. You now have the chore of watering your accessory as well. There is also a finite life on moss with estimates online ranging from one to five years, this means it must be replaced when the moss dies back. This is not a set it and forget it sort of solution, on the other hand.....

-The climbforestclimb coconut coir climbing pole comes ready to roll right out of the box. The coir can get wet with no issue at all, however it does not need to be kept wet. The coir is very hardy and requires no maintenance whatsoever. With the coir climbing pole you simply unbox, place with your favorite plant, and watch it soar! No moss to replace, no extra watering chores, just plant climbing goodness.

Craftsmanship and local sourcing

-Now, let it be said that there are companies that make moss poles by hand that work hard at creating great quality etc. However, in my experience this is fairly rare, most of the moss climbing poles that you can buy from retail are mass assembled products that are thrown together and sold quickly and cheaply, the emphasis on quantity over quality. Simple yet important questions like are the adhesives toxic? Will that metal rust or that PVC pipe leach into the soil? Are you using plastics in your packaging? These questions are rarely something upfront that a consumer can read, even in asking these questions to moss pole merchants I get a lot of unsure answers, I find that troubling. If I am going to put this product in with my leaf baby I want to know that information...seems fair right?

-The climbforestclimb coconut coir climbing pole is all hand made, it is laborious but at the end of the day quality is worth the effort. All of the hardwood that we use is Canadian milled, all of our adhesives are non toxic, our coir is organic, our packaging fully recyclable as well as locally designed and printed. Each and every coconut coir climbing pole is hand sanded and prepped, fully handmade and done so with pride. The objective for us is to create a quality product that will not only look great but also be made the right way. Our focus is quality and doing it right, not quantity and speed.


Of course it all depends what you are looking for as to what your choice would be. Some people like the aesthetic of a moss pole and do not mind the additional work. If things like sustainability, plant safety, less maintenance and supporting local are important to you however the answer is clear, a coconut coir climbing pole from climbforestclimb is what you and your plants have been looking for.



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