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Monstera Care Tips

The Monstera deliciosa is a great addition to any room. These versatile plants are known for their wandering growing behaviors and their huge beautiful leaves. Though many plant owners just let the monstera grow freely, it is actually a climbing plant that grows in a vine like manner. Here are 5 important facts and tips about your monstera:

1) It likes to climb! The natural way for the monstera to grow is up. In the wild the monstera will anchor itself to a tree and begin to climb up reaching for the forest canopy. In the wild the monstera can grow up to 66ft tall! The leaves can measure up to 29' wide and 35' long, thats a big monstera! Need a climbing pole to make your monstera happy? LINK The coconut coir climbing pole we hand-make is ideal for the monstera as its uneven and uses natural coconut fibers that mimic the native environment the monstera would thrive in naturally. 

2) Soil- Native to a more tropical climate, the monstera thrives with a nice rich soil. A mix of garden soil/potting mix and some compost create a perfect environment for the monstera. We recommend adding some coconut coir to help improve drainage when planting your monstera.

3) She thirsty! The monstera is a thirsty plant that likes regular and fairly heavy waterings. In general a slightly moist soil is a great environment, but it is very important that you do not overwater, as that will cause root rot. Make sure to use a drainable pot, and add some rocks or coconut coir to help with drainage. A good way to figure out if your monstera needs water, simply put your finger down through the first couple inches of soil, if it is dry your monstera is thirsty.

4) Light- For the most part the monstera is pretty forgiving with lighting conditions. Typically a medium to bright indirect sunlight is the perfect conditions, that being said though it will handle lower light conditions, it just may not grow as quickly. Best not to place in direct sunlight due to risk of burning.

5) Tips from us- Our monstera, Sally, is one of the most eye catching plants that we own. The three biggest things that we have found to keep our monstera growing and healthy are: Rotation- rotate you plant every couple of weeks, this helps with even growth, takes 2 seconds, makes a big difference. Mist away, with these huge broad leaves it is helpful to the plant to mist and wipe the leaves clean, looks great too! Let it climb- When you see them in the wild you truly understand what a unique plant it it, the monstera wants to climb, help it out with the best thing available, a coconut coir climbing pole from climb forest climb!

Happy planting! 


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