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Snake Plant Care and Tips

The snake plant, or sansevierius, is a great addition to any home. Not only are these great for purifying the air but they also look great in a variety of settings. Here are 4 important tips and care guidelines to ensure your snake plant thrives.

1) Light- The snake plant is super forgiving with lighting conditions. Ideally they enjoy medium light conditions but they will adapt to both brighter and lower light environments. That being said, do be sure to keep your plant out of direct sunlight as they can burn.

2) Watering- The snake plant is generally not that thirsty. This is definitely an err towards under water than over water scenario. In general it needs to be watered somewhere between every 2-4 weeks. This depends on many different factors in your home, again, better to underwater.


3) Soil- As mentioned above with the over watering, one of the easiest ways to kill a snake plant is through root rot. Best ways to avoid this is by using a pot with drainage, not over watering, and using a quick draining soil. You can buy a premix that will be labelled succulent or perhaps cactus soil, this is a quick draining soil. I recommend mixing that with some potting soil when re-potting.


4) Fun Facts- The snake plant is actually part of the succulent family. Those tall rigid leaves store water for the plant. Interesting huh? Snake plants not only clean the air and remove toxins, they also create oxygen at night, which makes the snake plant a great choice for the bedroom.


You are going to love your snake plant, and don't worry, even if you forget about it for a while it will still love you!



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