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The Pothos, 5 tips and tricks

The pothos is an extremely popular climbing houseplant that is not only beautiful but hardy as well. A popular choice of those who want a climbing plant, but also equally as stunning as a hanging basket. Here are 5 tips and tricks on making your pothos as happy as possible.

Water- The pothos generally likes to almost fully dry out before watering. If in need of watering it will be visible as the ends of the leaves start to brown and look almost crispy. On average we recommend once a week waterings, this of course is dependent on many factors, ideally let it dry out almost entirely before watering. 

Light- The only thing your pothos will not stand is direct sunlight. Other than that they can grow or thrive in bright to low light. Another reason the pothos is so popular.

Soil- For the most part a standard potting soil is perfect for the pothos. We would recommend however, as the plant is susceptible to root rot, line the bottom of the pot with coir or at least some rocks to aid in drainage.

Propagation- One of the easiest plants to propagate, the pothos can be moved to wither a water or soil home. All you need to do is take some stem cuttings from your plant and root them either in soil of water. If using water make sure to occasionally add new water to the container.

Climbing- The pothos likes to climb. We highly recommend our own product, shocking huh ;) the coir climbing stick. The uneven surface and the ability of the coir to retain water makes it enticing for plants to latch onto. Read more about the benefits of a coir climbing pole in the product description. The pothos can also be neat to attach to walls, we recommend the simple suction cup hooks, like the ones for Christmas lights, and using them. 

Happy planting!





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